Going ALL IN with Your Faith by Ford Nixon

Have you been feeling a nudge to make a change in your life?

Y’all are going to LOVE Ford’s message today about going ALL IN with your Faith.

After serving as a firefighter/EMT in Tuscaloosa, Alabama for the last 8 years, Ford had started to fill the nudge to lean more into his photography business. Taking a leap of faith, like the faith he talks about in this video, Ford went all-in and made his photography business his full-time gig at the first of this year. Way to go, Ford!

Changing careers has a lot of unknowns but I pray we all have the faith to be all-in, in whatever God calls us to this year. Whether it’s our work, our families, or in our time.

Thank you for this today, Ford! If you don’t follow him on Instagram @foxix2015 you are missing out. His photography is nothing short of breathtaking and he weaves in God’s word so effortlessly.

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🏹Verses today are from Proverbs 3:5 and Matthew 4:19

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