Learn with Kate, Strategy Sessions

Learn with Kate, Strategy Sessions

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Each month I offer a few one-on-one strategy sessions for the person who is stuck, confused, or even exhausted in their daily work or daily routines by offering the services listed below. The first session is the same price for all types of coaching and consulting and pricing for further services will determined after first initial call. All sessions are online via Google Meets. 

  • FAITH-BASED COACHING: Dig deeper into your faith by evaluating where you are and where you want to be - where God wants you to be. Develop and implement simple life-giving daily practices that will work with your personal faith journey and give you fresh eyes to see God in your life. 


  • PERSONAL GROWTH/DEVELOPMENT COACHING: Develop a strategy to implement the changes that need to be made; whether in your vocation and/or daily routine. Coming from the girl who has taken every personality quiz, tried all kinds of different jobs, and even earned too many degrees chasing after what God was calling me to all along 😉 This is for the girl who just needs to talk through your future plans and dreams and put some real goals on paper to work towards this year. 


  • SOCIAL MEDIA CONSULTING: this is for the entrepreneur or influencer looking for someone to evaluate your social media platforms and create a plan on what you can do next to grow. Over the last 4 years, I have helped multiple businesses and organizations grow their social media platforms by creating strategic and engaging content that continue to go viral on all platforms. It is so fun!  

  • Additional services available to add on after meeting with Kate:start-up business planning, logo/brand development, graphic design services & social media consulting are also available as add on

  • Once you complete your purchase, you will be emailed a calendar invite to schedule your first strategy session with Kate!

We will look at your options and nail down the next right step you can take TODAY. We will develop a strategy to implement the changes that need to be made; whether in your work and/or daily routine. 


SO THAT you can live a life that is more peaceful, joyful, and fulfilling MOST days of the week.

So that you can live the life God created you for instead of the life that someone told you you were supposed to live.

After I was diagnosed with cancer almost 6 years ago, my view of life changed. Time became more precious and I knew I wanted to make my time count. Since then, I have made changes in my life that have drastically altered the course for my family and put us on a path to receiving the peace and abundance that God promises in His Word. 

I would love to stand aside you and cheer you on as stop putting off the thing you know God is calling you to today. No more waiting, let's do it TODAY!