(Workshop) Dreams from God 101

(Workshop) Dreams from God 101

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Ever had a dream you couldn't shake? Kate is here to help! Through this workshop, you'll gain a deeper understanding of how to interpret dreams through the lens of Scripture, increasing your spiritual discernment and ability to recognize God's voice.

This 5 day workshop will be held virtually the second week of July 2024 and recordings of each training will be available to view within 24 hours. 

Watch your walk with God and your desire to know the Word be stirred up like never more as you gain deeper insights into the messages within your dreams. God is speaking to us all of the time. The question is, are we listening?

LIMITED SPACES for this workshop since it is precursor to our main Dreams Course launching next month. sign up for the workshop today to get one on one access to Kate in a private group as we dive into the basics of hearing from God in your dreams. It’s going to be amazing! 

Workshop Outline:

1. Welcome to Dreams from God 101
• Introduction to the divine purpose of dreams.
• Historical and biblical context of dreams as God’s communication method.

2. Dream Basics
• Exploration of different types of dreams: symbolic, literal, and prophetic.
• Introduction to common dream themes and symbols.

3. Hearing God’s Voice
• The role of prayer in receiving and understanding dreams.
• Techniques to discern divine messages from personal thoughts.

4. The Language of Dreams
• Key terms and symbols in dreams and their meanings.
• How to decipher the unique language of dreams.

5. Connecting the Dots
• Practical steps to respond to and act upon divine messages in dreams.
• Incorporating dream insights into daily life.